Looking back, it’s hard to believe I wrote this post about hope nearly three years ago. It was a time of great personal trial. A season of hanging on to God with everything I had and trusting him to be true in His promises to me.

Many thought I was foolish to put such hope in God.  Some told me straight out ~ while others murmured it or thought it in whispers and looks that were anything but silent.

I Praise Him today from a stance of victory. Not because my circumstance turned out well but rather because of everything God taught me about Himself and His character in the process.

I signed that Instagram post in 2013 simply with the letter D. Hiding from my peers opinions of me and my thoughts as well as my own skewed perception of myself.

That is still me today. A woman who still hides, still struggles, and certainly does not have it all together. Instead I’m discovering the greater value in a Savior that continually calls me out from my hiding places, holds me when I struggle and heals all the places in me that feel undone.

I pray, as you join me here you will find hope and encouragement on the days you may be barely holding on. I commit to always do my best to point you to my Jesus for He is the one that comforts and heals our hearts on our good days and in our darkest hours.

You will not find perfection here because if that was my goal I would still be signing my name as ~D.

Instead you will find a daughter of the King who is beginning to see the beauty in my imperfections and is slowly gaining the courage to live my life boldly in spite of them because my trust isn’t in myself. My hope is Jesus.

Be brave dear friends ~



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