*My apologies if this poem is difficult to  read on your device.  I clearly have a lot to learn about formatting poetry on WordPress.  Thank you for your patience.*

Hope for your struggles,
Hope for your thorns,
Hope for all that makes
you feel battered and worn.


Hope for the sharp edges,
Hope when you're down,
Hope for the promise
of that future crown.


Hope that won't tarnish,
Hope that will last,
Hope when you can't seem to shake
 the wounds of your past.


Hope in the waiting,
Hope in the still,
Hope for our longing hearts,
our Jesus to fill.


Hope in His presence,
In beholding His face.
Hope in His love for us,
sweetest of grace.


Hope that's He's risen.
Hope that He lives,
Hope in a coming King,
willing to give
 making us right.
To stand before our Savior in His
glorious light.


Hope in my Lord,
all of my days.
In my
precious Savior,
and all
of His ways.

April 2015

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